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     For 10 years we have been building original and authentic custom made wooden caravans  with sizes between 4 to 8 metres long according to our client’s needs and wishes.

     Our wide range wooden caravans  will allow you to increase the tourist accommodation capacity of your hotel or camping area or , if u are a private owner, it will offer you the chance to host your friends in an amazing place.

     Our wooden caravans are custom made in Romania using the skills of our carpenters, sculptors and local designer artists. Each piece is hand made and adapted to the clients choice of design, which makes every  caravan one of a kind.

     We are offering you the possibility to chose between a sculpted sedentary chassis or a wooden
sedentary chassis identical the one one used in the 1950s.

     Our prices are determinded based on the caravan  size, type of wood, interior design.

      If you haven’t decided on how you want your caravan  to look , please visit our galery to see

some of our custom made caravans.